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SKYLIGHT REPAIR, Laguna Niguel Roofing with Blue Night:

Skylight Repair:
Believe it or not, this skylight was done according to the guidelines of the National Tile Roofing Institute, the city of Laguna Niguel and the manufacturer's instructions. The rain water is being channeled under the tile, onto the tar paper, causing premature wear and eventually ruining the roof in the area. This picture was taken in Laguna Niguel CA, and is commonly used in the area.

Laguna Niguel Roofing has the superior roofing techniques.

What most people find hard to believe is that the guidelines put out by the Tile Roofing Institute & the tile manufacturers, have flaws in them. If the guidelines of the industry are so incredibly flawed, no wonder the average contractor, roofer or skylight installer are confused about proper skylight, roofing and flashing techniques.

Our Skylight Services in Laguna Niguel include: Skylight Repair, Skylight Replacement, Skylight Installation. We can replace your existing skylight quick and easy, no broken tiles, no leaks. Operable or non-operable models are available in three tints (Clear, White and Bronze Tinted). Skylight Replacement Laguna Niguel

Laguna Niguel Roofing has the superior roofing techniques.


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