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Laguna Niguel Roofing, Hire a roofing Contrctor that understands the roofing industry flaws and how to correct them. 


Laguna Niguel Roofing, exceeds the roofing standatds of Laguna Niguel by far.



   Laguna Niguel Roofing, Contractors State Lisense Board Cert.  Laguna Niguel Roofing, Workers Comp Cert.



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Not Just Another Laguna Niguel Roofing Contractor...


Since 1980, we have helped to refine the local roofing industry standards in Laguna Niguel and throughout our county. Our company has served as a technical industry consultant for various tile manufactures and trained many roofers that have since become contractors.


Laguna Niguel residents, we know that you have many choices of contractors for your roofing needs and we appreciate your consideration. There are many roofing contractors in Laguna Niguel that follow the current roofing standards and have good intentions, but in the end poor workmanship is too often the result, and that is probably why your roof now needs attention.


At, we do not follow the basic industry standards, we exceed them. We follow higher standards designed by us, from 33 years of paying attention to what works and what doesn’t. Our unique roofing systems greatly reduce common roofing errors.



Laguna Niguel Roofing, with Pride.

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We Look Forward To Earning Your Satisfaction. We Really Do Provide The Highest Quality Roofing and Roof Repair Service throughout Laguna Niguel California.